Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 – Singapore

On Thursday 26 December, 2019 an annular solar eclipse will be visible along a narrow corridor that stretches across parts of southern Asia and Indonesia.

Below are the timings for the annular solar eclipse on Thursday 26 December, 2019 as viewed from Singapore, Singapore (Local time).

How long will annularity last in Singapore ?

In Singapore the annular phase of the eclipse will last 2 minutes and 05 seconds.

PhaseDescriptionTime (SGT)
Partial eclipse begins Partial eclipse begins11:27
Annular eclipse beginsAnnular eclipse begins13:22
Maximum EclipseMaximum Eclipse13:23
Annular eclipse endsAnnular eclipse ends13:24
Partial eclipse endsPartial eclipse ends15:18

During the annular phase of the eclipse, the Moon will move in front of the Sun but will appear smaller in size creating what has become known as the ‘Ring of fire’ effect.

The Ring of Fire
The ‘ring of fire’ effect

This will be visible only from within this corridor starting from the Arabian peninsula all the way to the Pacific Ocean via southern India, the bay of Bengal, Singapore and Indonesia.

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