Transit of Mercury 2019 Timings

Transit of Mercury 2019

On the 11 November, 2019 stargazers around the world will get the chance to observe a rare transit of Mercury. The innermost of the rocky planets will cross the Sun’s disc for a period of around five and a half hours. The event will be visible across most of the globe with the exception of Oceania and large areas of Asia. Observers in North America, South America, Africa and Europe will be able to witness the majority of the transit.

Transit of Mercury Illustration
Courtesy of Xavier Jubier

We have now added all the timings of the transit for over 250 cities worldwide.

Transit of Mercury 2019 Diagram-
Credit: Xavier M. Jubier
Visit our Transit of Mercury 2019 page for all the details

Eastern parts of Central North America, the whole of South America and a small section of far western Africa will be able witness the whole event from start to finish. Timings for the event for a city near your location can be found from the links below. Choose your continent first then find a city in the list that follows

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